Ahh... letting it all out!

Wow what a line up this was for show... oh my where to begin....

Check the new intro for the show... 

Interracial dating - it is what it is!  If you don't approve or look at history (a part of something you were not there for) then you will never know if you missed or are missing out on something great.  People are people... why do we still live off of our history of who did what to who?  Yeah we have preference but did you read Stop Looking and really get the message behind the words? 

Orgasms... can't stress it enough ladies SPEAK UP AND LET THE VOICE IN YOUR BODY BE HEARD!  Explore yourself and know what you like and don't like... other wise live w/ the same roll on roll off, you did the deed feeling for the rest of your life.  Make sure you pick up "Sex for One - The Joy of Selfloving" by Betty Dodson, Ph.D.  It will open your eyes.

Ah... Why must you put 'Stipulations' on being with someone or not being with someone?  If you have doubts then you don't need to be w/ that person.  Those doubts will always be there, you can either learn to live with them or leave them alone.  Be real about it.  Stipulations is not being real.  Either shit or get off the pot already!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and keep it movin'.  If you have truly moved on then the shyt the last woman did or does won't matter.  If who you have moved on to what makes you happy then relish in that and forget about looking back.  We all know how low down and durty women can be when one moves on w/out the other just to push your buttons... and I believe she knows that button all too well!

Now I know I may have ruffled some feathers but they will get over it and move on!  And if I didn't, I do hope that it at least opened your eyes and make you think just a little.  But we know that my voice is small at times and I don't always speak up... but here I will have the last word!   Love ~QP

The Durty Truth Date / Time: 8/11/2010 10:00 PM

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