Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let's get serious ...

I got one for the ladies and then one for the men.  See if you can follow me...

Yeah gurl its a beautiful day, heading out to the malls to do some shopping.  Gotta make sure I look good.  And you know I put on my best Coach outfit, purse and shoes to match!  Yeah you know all of it is a knock off but for the price I paid girlfriend, I'm a go ahead and front like it's real 'cause you know I don't care what nobody says about what I put on!  OH SNAP... can't find a baby sitter so I'll just put them in anything 'cause I want all eyes on ME!  I need a new man on the side to spend his money on me and I want to just tease the rest of the men cause I know I'm the hottest eye candy steppin' out today.

Alright hold up right there!  How in the hell can you go and buy YOU all kinds of knock off gear and tote your children in Goodwill clothes?  Let me guess, your delinquent on a few utility ends as well right?  Get your priorities right.  Your children should come first and foremost and that means PAY YO BILLS!  And I don't mean the Cricket bill either!

Oh I need to put in a day off so I can be alone in the house w/out the ball-n-chain and crumb snatchers. I want to sit back and play PS3 all day and then head out to the movies and hit the clubs by myself.  Yeah I do play PS3 soon as I get home and watch TV all night after work, they know my routine.  No interaction w/ the kids at all.  And the only interaction I need w/ the wifey is when I need to get my stick wet!  Let me tell you about these tight dress shoes that I just put on lay-a-way and will be picking up on payday for me.  Someone asks "did you see anything for the wife or kids?"  He replies "I didn't get shit for those crumb snatchers.  I take them out for pizza with the rat for their birthdays, and buy them school clothes when it's time.  And the ball and chain is luck I stay with her as it is now.  The only reason I do stay is because of the crumb snatchers, don't need them taking what little money I got now just for leaving her fat ass."

Yo, you need to pump the breaks on that mess buddy boy!  Those crumb snatchers, as you like to call them, didn't ask to be here!  Would it kill you to take them out even if it's one at a time?  You make sure the first thing out your next check is to get you some shoes.  You even go as far as to take a day off to be alone.  What the hell did you get married for then?  Does the word 'family' mean nothing to you?  Don't get me wrong I understand that taking out the entire family is taxing now a days, but that money you put on the lay-a-way off the top of your check could go to a night out with the fam.  And would it kill you to try and take a day off to reconnect with your wife, excuse me 'ball and chain'?  Isn't that why you work outside the house, to get away and now you need more time?  If I was your child I would run away from home!  You don't pay the kids no mind and for damn sure don't bring them anything in just to say I saw this and thougth that you should have it. 

Let's try this... you know the old parent speech that is given before walking into any stores "don't touch shit, don't ask for shit, cause you don't need shit!"  The next time you go to step out at the mall think of that!  Now I'm sure I pissed off quite a few out there because I have no children and wouldn't understand.  Hell, without kids I understand plenty!  If I know that a bill needs to be paid and I seen some shoes that I want guess what my ends go to FIRST - the bills.  Those out there having babies and not wanting to set the example of putting them first by taking care of the priorities of putting food in their bellies, shelter over their heads and (decent) clothing on their backs really and spending quality time with them to make sure they grow up to be upstanding adults with a good starting foundation need to step back and think.  I know a single parent, who took 2 kids EVERY Saturday morning to the movies and then out to lunch.  She made sure that out of her busy week she set aside extra quality time with her children not just sit in bed all day on the weekend.  And still does to this day!  There are men that acutally sit down with their child to do homework.  It is possible to live with out the latest of anything and make due with what you got.  Try it sometime you just might find out that your still living.  I wish I had a child to spoil rotten and some day I'm sure that I will.  But until then ...  QP

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Message For the Ladies: A Real Nigga Will Do Ya Body Right

1st I want to lay u down on the bed and do a little dance fo ya...I want to hop on top and kiss ya all ova from ya head to ya toe. I want to be ya lover Strip ya down..and kiss..lick ya neck and bite ya ear...whisper in ya ear and tell ya what I want to do to ya..slowly work my way down to ya Hot Spot and show u why I'm like no head between ya legs tasting ya I finish my duty pleasing u boo I want to slide up inside ya and make u feel da best of me boo...Cuz a Real Nigga like me will do ya body right!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Pretty Boi FLEX ~

Friday, October 15, 2010

What Is Your Biggest Relationship Problem?

We all have problems in our relationships. What is your biggest. Choose from the list below.

1.) Not enough attention or sex?
2.) Blows hot then cold?
3.) He's always looking at other women?
4.) Lack of communication?
5.) He won't commit?

Now that you've picked one or more, I have one question. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!

Ladies, stop selling yourself short. All of the above problems can be fixed, if you both are willing to work at it. I'm not saying it will be easy, but nothing worth having is easy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sink bugs...

Brown Adult Stink Bug
Yeah I'm am actually going to vent about these nasty bugs that are becoming a plague in the eastern area.  Quit Playn' was actually under attack one morning!  If it wasn't bad enough the damn thing woke me up before my alarm at 5 AM.  Enjoying a nice dream all comfy cozy in my warm bed only to get all that nonsense cut short.  I open my eyes and what do I see but this huge ass bug staring back at me.  Do I scream?  Nope.  Do I panic?  Not yet.  I calmly climb out of my warm queen size deep pocket bed and ran to the bathroom for some tissue.  Creep back to the bedroom and don't dare turn on a light.  Light from the TV is all I need to see his butt.  But it moved to the center of the bed where my 5'2" height can't get to it.  Do I give up and let it go?  Nah!  Slowly I climb back into the bed.  Just as I start to stand it moves further up the damn wall.  Oh Lawd why now?  BEEP BEEP BEEP, great now the alarm is going off.  Do I take my eyes off the bug and smack the alarm or keep in pursuit of the bug with arms extended and tissue in finger tips?  Ahh smack the alarm it's distracting me!  Turn my focus back on the bug.  Still there, whew!  Inching closer and closer, don't want to make any sudden movements (although why I was thinking that after smacking the alarm I have no idea).  I do a quick move forward and 'snatch' got his butt.  I can feel the legs moving in the tissue trying to get out.  Now I have to move quickly to the toilet to give him his watery grave, taking care not to squeeze the smelly little booger (they give off one nasty stench calling in the troops when in distress).  I jumped down off the bed landing on my left leg alone, bounced off the wall directly in front of me.  Did a sweet 360 move off the wall as if I were Mendenhall (GO STEELERS) bouncing off the defence heading for the touchdown.  Dashed to the toilet and dropped him and the tissue in the toilet, only to find that it's trying to make a run for the top of the tissue.  FLUSH slam the lid, just in case.  Go to turn back to the bed room on my left leg and drop to the floor!  All the pain started rushing threw my entire body all at once.  Did I just break my leg and not know it?  The adrenalin that was running threw me totally shut down all thoughts of pain until I had that bug out of my hands.  I try to get up, taking care not to put any of my weight on my left leg.  Ah, I am now in the full up right position... what the hell is wrong with my left side?  Take a step and what a shakie step it was.  Great now I'm a hobbit, hobbling on one leg!  And will be for the rest of my life.  A stink bug took Quit Playn' out y'all!  Man down for sure.

Now I don't recommend doing any of the steps that I took to get rid of them.  I have been told to just pull out a vacuum and use a hose then discard his butt.  But all that would take too long if you ask me.  Not many bugs scare me but this one does.  The smell they give makes you want to just torch everything an move!  Smashing them only bring more so that's not an option either.  If you do decide to go head to head with one DO IT FROM THE GROUND!  And if by chance you should have to be up high to catch one... just think of me, QP the hobbit, and don't do it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top 10 Sex Myths

The top 10 Sex Myths were talked about on The Meeting in the Ladies Room segment. Follow the link to get the article that was discussed from Men's Health Journal.  Most Wanted had the best score (90%) while the rest of the panel, excluding the ladies, believed some of the myths. 
Oh and ladies if you want the 'spunk' to taste better be sure to check this link. 

Thanks to Charlotte for his adding a few myths one being: (check the show to hear the rest)
    Taking a bath will not make your period go away.

Next DT Ladies Room segment will be September 29th.  Be sure to check in to see what the DT Ladies got to talk about next!

~QP & Tickle

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What would you do?

What would you do if you found that your man was cheating on you? Forgive him?

What would you do if another woman right in your face flirted w/ you man? Beat her and forgive him?

What would do if another man hit on your man? Laugh your ass off and wonder if he's on the down low, but stay with him?

What would you do if you were in an abusive (mental or physical) relationship? NOTHIN'!

The first 3 you would either get pissed off, laugh at the situation and want to leave but on the 4th you stay and believe that he will change. Why are women so quick to want to walk away over petty dumb shit that could be worked out, laughed at or pondered over, and want to stay when they are being bounced off the wall and down the stairs? So he's your baby's daddy. You really want your child to see mommy being bounced off the walls. Or worse, killed! It's time to stand up and protect yourself. Stop hiding be hind those large shades. Stop covering those bruises with long sleeves. Help is available to you. Get out now... before it's too late! ~QP

Help is available to callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hotline advocates are available for victims and anyone calling on their behalf to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information and referrals to agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Assistance is available in English and Spanish with access to more than 170 languages through interpreter services. If you or someone you know is frightened about something in your relationship, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE (7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wasting Time

Stop wasting time! Life is too short. If there is someone you love, Tell them. If there is something you've always wanted to do, Do it! If there is something you've always wanted to change about yourself, Change it! Live everyday as though it is your last because it may be just that! Time is the only thing you can't get back. Stop Wasting It!!! ~Tickle

Get off of the Corner & Stop Yelling!!!

Have you ever walked downtown and there is someone yelling about this or that. Telling everyone that they are going to Hell! Give me a freakin break!!! I don't want to hear old Men tell every woman walking past that she is going to go to hell if she has an abortion. It is none of their business!! Men don't have to have babies, so they should just shut the Hell up!! The Pro Life believers aren't God and therefore have no right to judge!! Let God do the judging! ~Tickle

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Thing of the Past...

It will be sad day to see this one thing become a thing of the past. I see very soon that the local pizza delivery drivers will become a memory like pay phones. Senseless robberies for what most companies will tell you, our drivers carry no more than $20 bucks! First they jacked up delivery from free to $1.50. Okay I can deal with that plus tip. But now your going to force me to order a pizza from home, try and time when the pizza is done, and go pick it up. Then pray that I timed it just right to still get the pizza home hot! This will deprive me of my social life with the delivery person (men and women). Now they have tried the no deliveries after dusk for protection of the drivers. Granted I understand that. I understand that I gotta eat earlier. But mark my words, in my house the next battle will be who is gong to pick up the pizza and leave everyone starving by the time one gives up and goes to get it. Then I have to worry if I have enough gas in the SUV/truck or should I leave as soon as I hang up, drive by the gas station then back track to get cold pizza. This is getting to be way outta hand for that game time food. Who wants to stock up on frozen pizza?!!? And heat up a whole house? Not the way this summer is starting off.

This is to be funny to show one delima of getting a pizza ordered. I in no way shape, form or fashion condone robbery of any kind. The drivers are out there tyring to make a buck legally like most of us and survive in the crazy world. And with times as hard as they are that $8-11 bucks plus tips is not worth loosing their life for! I hear that some places are rolling 2 deep to deliver 1 pizza. This is outrageous. I pray for those that are still hanging in to survive by doing this job. Support your pizza delivery drivers and tip big. ~QP

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop Looking

Ladies are trying to find that perfect man for marriage only to settle or just give up on finding true love at all. No man is perfect, hell neither is any woman for that matter. Your flaws for that picture perfect man of your dreams may not be his perfect bride. If you keep dreaming of that perfect man that you believe you want, you will either end up with a nightmare or worse... settled. You have to keep in mind that every man brings something different to the table. One may be a better lover, another a better kisser or just plain better all around. But you want to be stuck on that perfect height, weight and personality. STOP LOOKING! If I learned anything in my marriage, I found that the man I am with is nothing that I pictured or dreamed that I wanted. He's better! You have to open your mind as well as your heart and really listen to your heart on what is best for you. Your eyes will let you down time and time again. Oh yeah, he might look good and drive a nice whip,and look like he got it all put together but behind closed doors he could be the one that knocks you around or on the down low. I know that at the end of the day I didn't settle... I upgraded and separated the boys from the men and found true love. I found the one that can compliment me in all I do just as I do for him. Don't give up looking just stop looking, wake up from that dream and come back to reality. ~QP



Quit Playn'

Quit Playn'