Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wasting Time

Stop wasting time! Life is too short. If there is someone you love, Tell them. If there is something you've always wanted to do, Do it! If there is something you've always wanted to change about yourself, Change it! Live everyday as though it is your last because it may be just that! Time is the only thing you can't get back. Stop Wasting It!!! ~Tickle

Get off of the Corner & Stop Yelling!!!

Have you ever walked downtown and there is someone yelling about this or that. Telling everyone that they are going to Hell! Give me a freakin break!!! I don't want to hear old Men tell every woman walking past that she is going to go to hell if she has an abortion. It is none of their business!! Men don't have to have babies, so they should just shut the Hell up!! The Pro Life believers aren't God and therefore have no right to judge!! Let God do the judging! ~Tickle

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Thing of the Past...

It will be sad day to see this one thing become a thing of the past. I see very soon that the local pizza delivery drivers will become a memory like pay phones. Senseless robberies for what most companies will tell you, our drivers carry no more than $20 bucks! First they jacked up delivery from free to $1.50. Okay I can deal with that plus tip. But now your going to force me to order a pizza from home, try and time when the pizza is done, and go pick it up. Then pray that I timed it just right to still get the pizza home hot! This will deprive me of my social life with the delivery person (men and women). Now they have tried the no deliveries after dusk for protection of the drivers. Granted I understand that. I understand that I gotta eat earlier. But mark my words, in my house the next battle will be who is gong to pick up the pizza and leave everyone starving by the time one gives up and goes to get it. Then I have to worry if I have enough gas in the SUV/truck or should I leave as soon as I hang up, drive by the gas station then back track to get cold pizza. This is getting to be way outta hand for that game time food. Who wants to stock up on frozen pizza?!!? And heat up a whole house? Not the way this summer is starting off.

This is to be funny to show one delima of getting a pizza ordered. I in no way shape, form or fashion condone robbery of any kind. The drivers are out there tyring to make a buck legally like most of us and survive in the crazy world. And with times as hard as they are that $8-11 bucks plus tips is not worth loosing their life for! I hear that some places are rolling 2 deep to deliver 1 pizza. This is outrageous. I pray for those that are still hanging in to survive by doing this job. Support your pizza delivery drivers and tip big. ~QP

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop Looking

Ladies are trying to find that perfect man for marriage only to settle or just give up on finding true love at all. No man is perfect, hell neither is any woman for that matter. Your flaws for that picture perfect man of your dreams may not be his perfect bride. If you keep dreaming of that perfect man that you believe you want, you will either end up with a nightmare or worse... settled. You have to keep in mind that every man brings something different to the table. One may be a better lover, another a better kisser or just plain better all around. But you want to be stuck on that perfect height, weight and personality. STOP LOOKING! If I learned anything in my marriage, I found that the man I am with is nothing that I pictured or dreamed that I wanted. He's better! You have to open your mind as well as your heart and really listen to your heart on what is best for you. Your eyes will let you down time and time again. Oh yeah, he might look good and drive a nice whip,and look like he got it all put together but behind closed doors he could be the one that knocks you around or on the down low. I know that at the end of the day I didn't settle... I upgraded and separated the boys from the men and found true love. I found the one that can compliment me in all I do just as I do for him. Don't give up looking just stop looking, wake up from that dream and come back to reality. ~QP



Quit Playn'

Quit Playn'